How To Fix Samsung Refrigerator Error Code "85E"

Compressor Under Voltage Error

A brown out condition may have occurred.
The errors can occur if there is a power surge or other electrical anomaly, such as a brown out, which could potentially cause a communication fault.
Unplug the refrigerator or turn off power at the circuit breaker for 60 seconds, and then turn it back on.
If the code returns, contact us to request service.

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Samsung Refrigerator Error Code "85E" Reviews

Rachel Johnson

Whale Repair was amazing! They fixed my Samsung refrigerator in Brooklyn quickly and efficiently. No more 85E error code. Thank you Whale Repair!

Mark Wong

Good service from Whale Repair in Brooklyn. They took care of the 85E error code on my Samsung fridge, and it's working fine now.

Karen Lee

Super happy with Whale Repair. They fixed my Samsung fridge in Brooklyn, and it's running great again without the 85E error code. Thanks!

Peter Chen

Whale Repair did a great job fixing the 85E error code on my Samsung fridge in Brooklyn. Good job!

Emma Nguyen

I highly recommend Whale Repair in Brooklyn for fixing the 85E error code on Samsung fridges. Great service and fast!

David Kim

Whale Repair fixed the 85E error code on my Samsung fridge in Brooklyn. Service was good and timely.

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